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my name is Corey Wise.

I'm a "Full Stack" Principal User Experience Designer with a focus on large systems, bringing years of industry experience along with me.

On contracts where I am an individual contributor, I strive to own as much of the front-end process as I can and have extensive experience sitting with clients and end-users to ascertain exactly what their needs are on a given project. From there, I will create a wireframe and a design layer on top of that. To finish the process, I bring that design to life using front-end technologies to hand off to other developers. I don't believe in leaving a job half-done and I don't believe in mocking up a design that someone else has to deal with fully developing.

I also have experience leading mixed discipline user experience teams, with individuals ranging from pure designers to pure developers. With this engagements, I work to provide my team with all of the artifacts needed to deliver a holistic implementation. Be that style guides, design systems, requirements documents, etc.

My knowledge of front-end technologies and best-practices helps me to suggest innovative--yet feasible--improvements to existing user experiences. At the end of the day, your product is built for your user and they deserve the best experience possible.

past performance

Below, please find a link to an example of my current work as well as my recent resume. I have plenty of additional examples of my UX and UI contributions, as well as ample references from past projects (available upon request).

Resume Portfolio Screens

Figma files:
Advanced inventory management system Search, create, modify concept for Packaged file workflow

Live work:

reach out to me!

You've got a great idea that is lacking that special something? Or maybe you have got a project that just needs some interface tweaking? From little to large--I've got you covered. Let's make something great together.

Drop me a line: cowise@gmail.com

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